Support Policy

About this Support Policy

This Support Policy describes the support you receive from us in connection with our plugins. If you have any questions about or disagree with this support policy, please contact us before buying one of our plugins. We may change this support policy from time to time, so please check this page to make sure you are aware of any changes.

This Support Policy is effective as of February 22, 2022.

By using any part of this website or providing us with any personal information, you agree that it will be treated in accordance with this support policy.

What our support services cover

We only endorse products we sell here on our website. Our support services include assistance with installing, configuring and using the product. If you need help setting up or configuring the plugin, please read the extension’s documentation and FAQ first. Your question may have already been answered. If this is not the case, please send us an email.

We support discontinued products until your subscription expires. If you find a serious bug in your code and are using the latest version of all the code on your site, please drop us an email. If you decided to buy the plugin with a one time fee please keep in mind, that support expires after one year. If you wish to continue with our support contact us regarding a support package.

We offer support if your site uses the latest version of the core WooCommerce plugin (and the main WordPress software) plus the two previous versions. This is often referred to as L-2, or “latest minus two versions”, where the version number is in x.y.z format – we’ll focus on the second number, then the first. The full release history of WooCommerce can be found on the developer releases page at! If you need to see the histroy of WordPress please have a look here.

For example, if the current version of WooCommerce is 7.1.z, then the oldest WooCommerce version we support is 6.9.z. At 7.2. support should be down to 7.0.x

For our extension, we only support the latest released version. Please always keep in mind to update WordPress and all your extensions, otherwise you may run into problems.

Bug Fixing

We will correct any defects in our products as soon as possible after we received the information that a possible bug was found. As part of our planned product updates, we will also attempt to provide fixes for minor bugs or bugs in preparation for larger updates to the respective product. If you think you found a bug, please let us know.

What our support services do not cover

Our support services do not apply to products provided by third parties who are not ours. Before we can assist you, we may ask you to disable third-party products installed with our products. If you encounter a problem with our plugin and you are using other plugins which interact with our plugin, please make sure that you first try to disable the third partie plugin and check if the bug still appears.

We do not provide general WordPress support. Visit the forum for WordPress-related resources and answers.


We provide our product in its current state. While we can assist you in configuring our products within the limits of each plugin’s capabilities, we do not personalize or support third-party customizations of our products. A modification is anything that alters the appearance or functionality of our products in relation to how we make them available to you.

If you require customisation, we will try our best to provide guidance and point you in the right direction. However, for bespoke products, we do not accept responsibility or promote Third Party solutions.

Product Support Channels

We only provide help via email! At this moment, we do not provide our Support Service via any other channel (including social media or over the phone). We do not respond to connected topics on social media platforms. If you try to call, we will not be able to assist you.

If we require your login information to help you, we may ask you to email it to us; if you do, please keep security in mind. Make a new admin account and delete it once we’re through. Our support e-mails, as well as any information you send us by mail, are kept private. Your tickets will only be visible to you and our support team.

General Information

If you would like to contact us regarding account-related issues or pre-sales questions, please contact us by mail. We will respond to you as soon as possible.

Support Times

We offer our customers assistance during our business hours. Please keep in mind that our office is located in Vienna, Austria, therefore please respect our timezone and holidays.

Mo-Fr: 9am to 17pm